Holiday Cheese Boards for 3 Budgets

As anyone who loves a good cheese board knows, the cost tends to really add up as you get more adventurous with your choices. We've rounded up some quick-and-easy cheese boards based on price, just in time for the holidays. Below are a few suggestions for creating lovely cheese boards with a budget is $30, $50, or $75. Enjoy!

The $30.00 is a mixture of fruit and a soft spreadable cheese such a fresh ricotta. You can add a crowd-pleasing block of cheddar to anchor the board and then add something unexpected like hot honey.  

The $50.00 is a mixture of fancy cheese (Humboldt Fog), a staple cheese (cheddar), and a more readily available brie. Adding some dried nuts and fruit adds to the colors on the board and makes for some great flavor combinations.

The $75.00 is all cheese! You can add some dried cured meats to this combination and then a great looking/tasting blue cheese for the more adventurous. This boards brings the best from all the boards into one powerhouse cheese display. Easy!

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