We are constantly getting feedback from our customers that they want help with hanging their cutting boards. So we have put together this simple how to so that you can show your cutting board the love it deserves by hanging it on the wall.

Step one: gather your supplies

First, gather your supplies. All you need is your cutting board, a hammer, a nail and a few sawtooth picture hanging hardware. Sawtooth picture hanging hardware can be obtained at a hardware store or any big box store like Target or Walmart. We think it works best and can be used 

Step Two: decide on placement

Next, you will need to decide where to place the hanging hardware. You will want to the center balance point. To do this hold your state shape between your thumb and pointer finger until the board feels balanced hanging in this point. Mark this point with a pencil, you have your point!

Step Three: Hammer your hanger

Hammer your sawtooth picture hanger into the back side of your cutting board with your hammer. For longer boards you might need more than one. Make sure it is secure and will not pull out of the board once hung.

Once your hanging hardware is secure, you can hammer your nail into the wall where you want the cutting board to hang.

Step Four: hammer your nail

Now, all you need to do is hang your cutting board on the wall and step back to enjoy your new hanging state shape!

Step Five: hang your cutting boardStep Six: enjoy your work

You can also use your board at anytime, the rubber bumpers will keep your board level on any surface you want to serve on.

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