Welcome, Welcome... as the year goes on, it has become very clear to me that our company has needed to reach out and be more connected with you. There are so many things happening in our studio day to day and we’d like to share more.  Just a weekly round up on what we're making, baking and sipping... no pressure, just try if you like.

1. Quarantine baking is top on my current todo list, in the midst of this slowdown, my neighborhood has started a baking swap. The swap is keeping the kids excited and our bellies full of comforting carbs.  It’s a simple concept, bake a little share a little.  Four families are involved. so far I’ve made these sweet rolls from Sally’s Baking Addiction and they were a hit.  The kids helped me wrap it up in wax paper, we've gone retro.

2. Dealing with COVID-19 as a small business has become incredibly challenging and we are making plans to rally around our fellow makers and movers.  Until then we are busy cutting overhead costs in order to come out of this on top. One free subscription that we have recently tried out is through adobe’s creative cloud.  They have offered us the creative suite we used monthly for free for two months.  It’s going to allow us to create new products with their computer programs and not have to worry about the monthly fees.

3. I’m going to try out a virtual cocktail party with a few mom friends this Thursday and I am looking at this New York Times article for some help... We will most likely muddle and I’m going to send some non alcoholic options, because I rarely drink!!  I keep my calories for carbs.. Maybe I can share some muddling ideas next week.