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zodiac cake topperszodiac cake topperszodiac cake topperszodiac cake topperszodiac cake topperszodiac cake toppers

Introducing our new Zodiac Cake Toppers! Now you can celebrate your birthday with your sign. Offered in both black and gold, they are the perfectly stylish component to make your birthday celebration cosmic. At $12 each, everyone in the family needs one.

Each zodiac topper stands at approx. 7" inches tall and are sold individually. There are labeled with the name of the sign for extra clarity

A single zodiac topper is well suited for a 6" - 8" cake or a single cupcake - the cake shown is 6 inches.

You are also getting a sneak peek of one of our newest cake stands. We'll give you a hint, they're smaller versions of our most popular design. Coming soon . . .

wedding gift guide

With summer wedding season in full swing, it's probably time for you to buy some gifts. I know, I know, everyone has gift registries for their wedding now a days.

You’re right, the opportunities to put together a thoughtful wedding gift are few and far between. But if you get invited to that rare wedding without a registry, you are going to need some help. We’ve put together a wedding gift guide to make it as simple as can be while still gifting something special gift to the happy couple.

1. Mountain Return Address Stamp, $32.00. These custom-designed, high-quality, commercial-grade rubber stamps are made to last for years. The handles are made from North American native woods and the rubber is laser engraved with the couple’s names and address. Many other designs and themes are available.

Pair it with #2 for the couple that loves paper.

2. Frame their wedding invite, approx $60.00. You can be sure that if the couple loves paper then their invites will be show stoppers. They will plan on framing it themselves but you can help them out by going ahead and doing it for them. Framebridge has very affordable custom framing. Choose a neutral frame and mat that will suite any decor and you will have one happy couple.

3. New Edition Cake Stand by American Heirloom, $155.00. These cake stands aren’t just for weddings. This beautiful, functional, sturdy stand that will become the centerpiece for all of life’s celebrations.

Pair it with #4 for the couple that likes to entertain

4. Old Dutch Hammered Water Pitcher, $40.00. Not just for water, this hammered stainless steel pitcher features a sleek copper finish and ice guard. Great for water, lemonade on a hot day and of course, margaritas.

5. Map Heart Art, $68.00. You get to choose 3 locations for placement inside the heart. If the couple has traveled a lot together, you can pick places they’ve been but this would also be great as a set of places they aspire to go. This gift does double duty for a couple that is from different places or did the long distance thing for a while.

Pair it with #6 for the couple that likes to travel

6. Sideways Suitcase, $260.00. Any avid traveler knows that having the right luggage can really make a difference. The trick to this suitcase is that it’s wide, not tall, making it difficult to tip over when another bag is placed on top

7. Custom Couple Illustration, $75.00. The beauty of this personalized gift is that they have standardized the process by having pre-drawn brides and grooms so that you don’t have to waste time sending in an image of the couple. The frame is included too.

Pair it with #8 for the Artsy couple

8. Museum Membership, prices vary. Any art loving couple will appreciate the ability to frequent their local museum anytime they please, keeping up with all the newest exhibits.

9. State shaped cutting boards, $48.00. The great thing about these cutting boards is the ability to personalize them with the couple’s hometown, their initials, or their wedding date, making it a keepsake that they can use forever, reminding them of the day it all started.

Pair it with #10 for the couple that loves to cook

10. The Essential Chef’s Knife, $70.00. Every great cook has to start by chopping the vegetables and having a great knife is the key to success. Get the couple started right with this go-to knife.

11. Knitted Rope Bowl, $75.00. Simple, useful and also available in chrome if that’s more their style, this bowl will be a constant reminder of the day they “tied the knot”.

Pair it with #12 for the couple with a new home to decorate

12. Star Wall Clock, $46.67. Laser cut from eco friendly bamboo, this clock is a unique timepiece that will work in a modern or traditional home with a natural color that goes with anything.

usa board spread


On this special day, we just wanted to take a moment to extend our truest gratitude, not only for the wonderful country that we live in and those that have sacrificed to make it great, but to our dear customers.

We are an American Made company and try with every product to exemplify that but we would literally be nothing without you. Your support is why we get up every morning and create the products that we do.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard because of you and we hope to keep doing so for years and years to come.

We truly hope that your holiday is full of food, friends and laughter.

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