Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is upon us again and even though they are just the best, they can be pretty hard to shop for, am I right? It seems like dads get the short end of the stick, always getting ties and socks. This year, let's all vow to make it great for the greatest guy we know.

Here's a little gift guide to help get you started:

1. American Heirloom State Shaped Cutting Board, $48. Made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo plywood that can be personalized, choose the state he's from or went to school and his meat slicing days have just been upgraded.  Don't forget to add a heart, house or star to the town he loves best.

Pair with #2 for the dad that loves to grill.

2. Franklin Barbecue A Meat Smoking Manifesto, $17.67. This New York Times nest selling book is the complete meat and brisket cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster, Aaron Franklin.

3. Hover Camera Passport Drone, $499.95. Okay, you know that dad wants a drone. It pairs flying with technology and dads love that stuff.

Pair with #4 for the Dad that is all about technology.

4. Bluetooth Tracking Tag, $40. Dads lose things too, even though they would never admit it. This little gadget ensures that he will never lose his keys again.

5. Morihata Charcoal Toothbrush, $6.95. Used for centuries as a purifying agent, charcoal has antibacterial properties that naturally deodorize your mouth. This brush prevents bacteria growth and keeps your toothbrush cleaner and fresher, longer.

Pair it with #6 for the modern Dad.

6. Razor Pit Sharpener, $25. We know dads like a clean shave from time to time and they LOVE to save money. This keeps your dad's razor clean and sharp in between uses.

7. Hakushu 12 year Whiskey, $84. This year, get your dad a bottle of something special. The trendiest thing is spirits is Japanese Whiskey and dad will want to stay current.

Pair it with #8 for the Dad that loves a good cocktail.

8. American Heirloom Engraved Cocktail Muddler, $30. Inspired by an old school nightstick, this muddler is sturdy and timeless just like dad.

9. Bob Dylan, The Original Mono Recordings, $169.49. If dad is always talking about how much better music was in his day, then this Bob Dylan box set on vinyl complete with a book of photos and liner notes is perfect for him.

Pair it with #10 for the music loving Dad.

10. Victrola Suitcase Record Player, $80. Dad loves his old music and he needs to hear it in the way it was intended to be heard, on a record player. This one is good looking and have bluetooth.

ask amyhow did you start ah?

HOW: We, my husband Bill and I, made our first cutting boards for our wedding. We wanted a personalized and sentimental way to display cheese, and came up with state-shaped cutting boards for each of our home states (Michigan and  Connecticut), with hearts on our hometowns. People really liked them and the seed of American Heirloom was planted. Through a ton of late nights and hard work, we have grown it into the bustling business that it is today, offering a range of tabletop pieces.  Each of these pieces are tested in our home and we design with that in mind.

WHY: Both Bill and I wanted to create housewares infused with sentiment. Ideally, these pieces will become your family heirlooms and be passed down through generations. That is why design and quality are so important to us.

connecticutt cutting board

 why state cutting boards?

We found that our customers are proud of where they are from and enjoy showing it off. They are also great gifts for those who have moved from their home state, they can take a bit of home with them.  Everyone is so mobile these days, they make great going away gifts, housewarming and wedding gifts.  We can further personalize the orders with our two trusty laser etchers that we run in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

running your own business

There is no easy answer to that one. It is great and tough all at the same time. Of course it is wonderful to be able to make and sell a product that I have designed and produced myself. There is no greater joy than seeing someone enjoy the product that I have poured my heart and soul into for that past few years. And the flexibility that owning my own business affords me is helpful for someone with two kids like myself.

At the same time, it is very hard. There is always something new to learn and apply. The long hours and stress can be oppressive sometimes. It's important to surround yourself with the right people, whether in the office or remotely.  I am learning more and more that a great team can make or break the progress of your work. Running your own business is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of sustained passion and serious persistence.  The nature of an online business changes so quickly year to year, it's a challenge to keep up with changing social media, new sales platforms, etc.

who does your design?

While I am the driving force behind all of the creative parts of the business, it truly does take a village and I couldn't put it all together without these folks: Our photography is done by several photographers over the years, Whitney Ott, Alyssa Kirsten Photography, Matt Novak our long time neighbor Layo Manoli. All graphic design work is done by Avis Wampler of Avie Designs and Ben Wagner.  They keep the visions coherent and fresh.  We would be lost without them all!

order processing

Our products are lovingly made and personalized by our team in our Brooklyn studio so our turn around time is usually 2 weeks. But it does depend on which item you order.

rush order

There is no simple answer to this one. Usually, you guys keeps us so busy that we cannot but please contact us if you need your item quickly because we may be able to accommodate you.  A great deal of the hardwood boards are ready to ship next day, so those are an easy option for those with a tight deadline.

bulk orders

Yes! We love to make larger sets of our boards. We work with lots of companies to create bulk orders for them and we would love to make them for you as well. Please contact us for pricing.  We are often doing laser engraving of logos for corporate gifting each month.  We like to book these spots as it gets pretty busy quickly!

international shipping

Of Course! We do ship overseas and our shipping rate is calculated based on item size and weight. The starting price to the UK is $30.00 USPS priority mail. Delivery time also depends on the final destination.

custom design

Yes! We are happy to create custom shapes and custom laser engraving on our boards.  If you can dream it up, we can probably make it for you. Please contact us and we will get started on your very own custom board.

candle holders

what's next

We are always coming up with new ideas, products and patterns. There are lots of new products in the works so stay tuned, we'll let you know when they're ready.

As promised, we have some new and exciting items to share with you. Our taper candle holders are classic and modern. Available in three sizes, these candle holders will add a touch of modern design to your next dinner party table decor.taper candle holders

maple candle holderswalnut candle holderspersonalized candle holders

A smooth finish and beautiful wood impart a modern look to this classically shaped candle holder. The stately large holder pairs beautifully with smaller sizes in the walnut collection.  Our smallest size also fits a tea light candle. Sold individually so that you can curate your own table setting.

Dimensions:  Large 2.2” dia x 4.5” h,  Medium 2.2" dia x 3.5" h, Small 2.2" dia x 2.5" h

Mother's Day Gift Guide


It's that time of the year again, the day when we try as hard as we can to let moms know how important they are to us in one day. Let's be honest, moms are the best. We literally wouldn't be here without them and taking time out to make them feel special is the absolute very least we can do.

Here's a quick gift guide to help you out:

1: S'well Water Bottle, $35 in white lace. S'well is the only reusable bottle that looks great and does good. It keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, while giving back to those in need. It's a win-win.

Pair it with #2 for the mom that keeps fit.

2: Fabletics Row Backpack, $59.95 in grey monarch. Mom's have a lot of stuff to carry around, most of it belonging to someone else. This backpack makes motherhood look chic.

3. American Heirloom Flag Cutting Board with flowers, $29. Stylish cutting boards make even the most mundane dinner prep fun. Or use it as a cheese board for when she has friends and family over.

Pair it with #4 for the mom that likes to entertain.

4. Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club, $34.95/month. Come on, who doesn't LOVE cheese? This way, mom will have new and exciting flavors each and every month. They also have chocolate and wine of the month if that's more her speed.

5. Hedley and Bennett Spinning Plates Apron, $95. If your mom likes to cook but also wants to be stylish and current at the same time, then this is the gift for her. It's THE go to apron for the chefs on all of her favorite cooking competition shows.

Pair it with #6 if your mom is a true foodie.

6. Chemex coffee maker, $43.50. Widely hailed as the best way to make coffee and so stylish looking at the same time. And we all know mom needs coffee to put up with all of our shenanigans. Pro-tip: Make her coffee the first time and bring it to her in bed :)

7. In the Company of Women, $19.03. Inspire mom with this book by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, featuring interviews and portraits of 100 exceptional leaders across a diverse range of races, ages, backgrounds, and industries. 

Pair it with #8 if mom loves an inspirational book or 2.

8. Small Victories Cookbook, $35. Written by Julia Turshen who happens to be Grace Bonney's wife, this is a classic cookbook from a cookbook writing pro. Filled with simple, achievable recipes for the home cook.

9. Root Hand dipped Taper Candles, $45.26/12. We all know that mood lighting is everything from a simple family dinner to a romantic evening for 2. And these are simply the best there are.

Pair them with #10 to complete the gift.

10. American Heirloom Taper Candle Holder, $36. The American made candle holders come in 3 sizes and will add a touch of modern design to mom's table.