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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is upon us again and even though they are just the best, they can be pretty hard to shop for, am I right? It seems like dads get the short end of the stick, always getting ties and socks. This year, let's all vow to make it great for the greatest guy we know.

Here's a little gift guide to help get you started:

1. American Heirloom State Shaped Cutting Board, $48. Made from 100% rapidly renewable bamboo plywood that can be personalized, choose the state he's from or went to school and his meat slicing days have just been upgraded.  Don't forget to add a heart, house or star to the town he loves best.

Pair with #2 for the dad that loves to grill.

2. Franklin Barbecue A Meat Smoking Manifesto, $17.67. This New York Times nest selling book is the complete meat and brisket cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster, Aaron Franklin.

3. Hover Camera Passport Drone, $499.95. Okay, you know that dad wants a drone. It pairs flying with technology and dads love that stuff.

Pair with #4 for the Dad that is all about technology.

4. Bluetooth Tracking Tag, $40. Dads lose things too, even though they would never admit it. This little gadget ensures that he will never lose his keys again.

5. Morihata Charcoal Toothbrush, $6.95. Used for centuries as a purifying agent, charcoal has antibacterial properties that naturally deodorize your mouth. This brush prevents bacteria growth and keeps your toothbrush cleaner and fresher, longer.

Pair it with #6 for the modern Dad.

6. Razor Pit Sharpener, $25. We know dads like a clean shave from time to time and they LOVE to save money. This keeps your dad's razor clean and sharp in between uses.

7. Hakushu 12 year Whiskey, $84. This year, get your dad a bottle of something special. The trendiest thing is spirits is Japanese Whiskey and dad will want to stay current.

Pair it with #8 for the Dad that loves a good cocktail.

8. American Heirloom Engraved Cocktail Muddler, $30. Inspired by an old school nightstick, this muddler is sturdy and timeless just like dad.

9. Bob Dylan, The Original Mono Recordings, $169.49. If dad is always talking about how much better music was in his day, then this Bob Dylan box set on vinyl complete with a book of photos and liner notes is perfect for him.

Pair it with #10 for the music loving Dad.

10. Victrola Suitcase Record Player, $80. Dad loves his old music and he needs to hear it in the way it was intended to be heard, on a record player. This one is good looking and have bluetooth.

Tip #1 Make a pitcher friendly cocktail

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to have your friends or family over for brunch. But we know it’s not as easy as it sounds so we want to help you out and let you know just how to host a brunch and stay sane at the same time.

Our tips, tricks and recipes will cover every aspect so that you can sit back and enjoy the morning instead of rushing around like a crazy person.

Tip #1: Make a pitcher friendly cocktail. These blood orange mojitos are perfect for brunch and can be made in the morning before everyone arrives and then all you have to do is serve. Heck, your guests can probably handle that for themselves too. You’ll definitely want to have some
cocktail muddlers and cocktail stirrers on hand for this one.

Tip #2: Use make ahead recipes such as this Boozy Baked French Toast from Smitten Kitchen. You can put this recipe together the night before and bake in in the morning before your guests arrive. No cooking over the stove while your guests are having a great time without you.

Tip #3: have appetizers ready

Tip #3: Have appetizers ready. Putting together a simple but lovely cheese plate is a great way to keep everyone from gnawing on their hands while everything comes together. Besides no one wants to sit down to eat right away. They want to get a cocktail, mingle and munch. Don’t forget to display your cheese plate on a beautiful board like this Maple Flag Board with Flower Engraving. Which leads me to the next tip.

Tip #4: Don’t forget the decorations. Look, you don’t have to go to Target and clean out an entire row to make your home look festive. You’ve already got your cheese on a gorgeous board, just add some grocery store flowers and you’re practically done. I don’t personally keep any vases in my house so I usually put floral arrangements in a glass pitcher or, if those are being used for Mojitos, mason jars/drinking glasses. I just put a few small arrangements around the house.

Tip #5: Have a mix of sweet and savory food. What we all love about brunch is that you can go sweet or savory. And when you make brunch at home, you can have both. My standard brunch menu formula is: 1 part sweet, 1 part savory, 1 breakfast meat, 1 green salad. Within those parameters you can go crazy. I love a simple herb quiche like this one from Martha as my savory dish. You can even buy a pre-made one, no one will know.
Tip #6: Don't forget the coffee
Tip #6: Don’t forget the coffee. Seriously. I know that cocktails are the greatest thing about brunch but not everyone drinks so make sure you have something for everyone. These coffee scoops make coffee stylish and easy. Also set out all the accoutrements like cream, soy milk, sugar, agave, etc. It will feel luxurious like it’s your own personal coffee shop.
Bonus Tip: serve your guests using a tray
Bonus Tip: Serve cocktails or coffee on a fancy wooden tray like this personalized geometric tray and you will look like a brunch pro.

Happy Brunching!

Irish Coffee Recipe
With the weather turning cooler and the holidays right around the corner, you can use this cocktail recipe for entertaining or a quiet night on the couch when you need to just relax.
1oz Irish Whiskey (We used Teeling)
.5 Amaro Montenegro
4-6 oz brewed coffee 
Top with a generous layer of Montenegro Whipped Cream*
Top whip with a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar
Step one: brew the coffee
First, brew your coffee using our new coffee scoop. Each one is available in walnut or maple and comes with a hot pink leather strap.
Brew the coffee
Brew the coffeeStep two: add the whiskey
Then, add 1 oz of your favorite Irish Whiskey, we used Teeling
Step three: add the Montenegro
And .5 oz of Amaro Montenegro
Step four: add your coffee
Pour in your hot coffee
Step five: top with whipped cream
Make your whipped cream: 
Add .5 ounce of Montenegro and a generous spoonful of white sugar to a half-pint of heavy whipping cream and whip until soft peaks form. For an Irish coffee you want a pliable whipped cream that will be sippable. Eat leftover whip on berries, or right off the spoon.
Top with Montenegro whipped cream
Step six: sprinkle with cinnamon sugar
Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar