We have lots of new products in the works for Spring and we hope you are as excited as we are. First up, our signature Board Conditioner. This conditioner is just the thing to keep your board looking brand spanking new for years to come.

American Heirloom Board Wax

Our Board Conditioner comes in a circular tin with a cloth applicator. Applying the coconut oil and beeswax mix is easy, just dab a little on the applicator and then rub into your cutting board in a circular motion.

American Heirloom Board WaxAmerican Heirloom Board Wax

You will be able to see where the conditioner has been applied.  The organic coconut oil conditions and the beeswax acts a sealant.

American Heirloom Board Wax

For best results, make sure you get every nook and cranny.

American Heirloom Board Wax

Don't forget the sides and the back, especially our signature integrate hook.


Allow your board to dry and the wax to soak in before you resume normal usage. Use this technique as often as you want to keep your board in top shape.