wedding gift guide

With summer wedding season in full swing, it's probably time for you to buy some gifts. I know, I know, everyone has gift registries for their wedding now a days.

You’re right, the opportunities to put together a thoughtful wedding gift are few and far between. But if you get invited to that rare wedding without a registry, you are going to need some help. We’ve put together a wedding gift guide to make it as simple as can be while still gifting something special gift to the happy couple.

1. Mountain Return Address Stamp, $32.00. These custom-designed, high-quality, commercial-grade rubber stamps are made to last for years. The handles are made from North American native woods and the rubber is laser engraved with the couple’s names and address. Many other designs and themes are available.

Pair it with #2 for the couple that loves paper.

2. Frame their wedding invite, approx $60.00. You can be sure that if the couple loves paper then their invites will be show stoppers. They will plan on framing it themselves but you can help them out by going ahead and doing it for them. Framebridge has very affordable custom framing. Choose a neutral frame and mat that will suite any decor and you will have one happy couple.

3. New Edition Cake Stand by American Heirloom, $155.00. These cake stands aren’t just for weddings. This beautiful, functional, sturdy stand that will become the centerpiece for all of life’s celebrations.

Pair it with #4 for the couple that likes to entertain

4. Old Dutch Hammered Water Pitcher, $40.00. Not just for water, this hammered stainless steel pitcher features a sleek copper finish and ice guard. Great for water, lemonade on a hot day and of course, margaritas.

5. Map Heart Art, $68.00. You get to choose 3 locations for placement inside the heart. If the couple has traveled a lot together, you can pick places they’ve been but this would also be great as a set of places they aspire to go. This gift does double duty for a couple that is from different places or did the long distance thing for a while.

Pair it with #6 for the couple that likes to travel

6. Sideways Suitcase, $260.00. Any avid traveler knows that having the right luggage can really make a difference. The trick to this suitcase is that it’s wide, not tall, making it difficult to tip over when another bag is placed on top

7. Custom Couple Illustration, $75.00. The beauty of this personalized gift is that they have standardized the process by having pre-drawn brides and grooms so that you don’t have to waste time sending in an image of the couple. The frame is included too.

Pair it with #8 for the Artsy couple

8. Museum Membership, prices vary. Any art loving couple will appreciate the ability to frequent their local museum anytime they please, keeping up with all the newest exhibits.

9. State shaped cutting boards, $48.00. The great thing about these cutting boards is the ability to personalize them with the couple’s hometown, their initials, or their wedding date, making it a keepsake that they can use forever, reminding them of the day it all started.

Pair it with #10 for the couple that loves to cook

10. The Essential Chef’s Knife, $70.00. Every great cook has to start by chopping the vegetables and having a great knife is the key to success. Get the couple started right with this go-to knife.

11. Knitted Rope Bowl, $75.00. Simple, useful and also available in chrome if that’s more their style, this bowl will be a constant reminder of the day they “tied the knot”.

Pair it with #12 for the couple with a new home to decorate

12. Star Wall Clock, $46.67. Laser cut from eco friendly bamboo, this clock is a unique timepiece that will work in a modern or traditional home with a natural color that goes with anything.

ask amyhow did you start ah?

HOW: We, my husband Bill and I, made our first cutting boards for our wedding. We wanted a personalized and sentimental way to display cheese, and came up with state-shaped cutting boards for each of our home states (Michigan and  Connecticut), with hearts on our hometowns. People really liked them and the seed of American Heirloom was planted. Through a ton of late nights and hard work, we have grown it into the bustling business that it is today, offering a range of tabletop pieces.  Each of these pieces are tested in our home and we design with that in mind.

WHY: Both Bill and I wanted to create housewares infused with sentiment. Ideally, these pieces will become your family heirlooms and be passed down through generations. That is why design and quality are so important to us.

connecticutt cutting board

 why state cutting boards?

We found that our customers are proud of where they are from and enjoy showing it off. They are also great gifts for those who have moved from their home state, they can take a bit of home with them.  Everyone is so mobile these days, they make great going away gifts, housewarming and wedding gifts.  We can further personalize the orders with our two trusty laser etchers that we run in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

running your own business

There is no easy answer to that one. It is great and tough all at the same time. Of course it is wonderful to be able to make and sell a product that I have designed and produced myself. There is no greater joy than seeing someone enjoy the product that I have poured my heart and soul into for that past few years. And the flexibility that owning my own business affords me is helpful for someone with two kids like myself.

At the same time, it is very hard. There is always something new to learn and apply. The long hours and stress can be oppressive sometimes. It's important to surround yourself with the right people, whether in the office or remotely.  I am learning more and more that a great team can make or break the progress of your work. Running your own business is not for the faint of heart, it takes a lot of sustained passion and serious persistence.  The nature of an online business changes so quickly year to year, it's a challenge to keep up with changing social media, new sales platforms, etc.

who does your design?

While I am the driving force behind all of the creative parts of the business, it truly does take a village and I couldn't put it all together without these folks: Our photography is done by several photographers over the years, Whitney Ott, Alyssa Kirsten Photography, Matt Novak our long time neighbor Layo Manoli. All graphic design work is done by Avis Wampler of Avie Designs and Ben Wagner.  They keep the visions coherent and fresh.  We would be lost without them all!

order processing

Our products are lovingly made and personalized by our team in our Brooklyn studio so our turn around time is usually 2 weeks. But it does depend on which item you order.

rush order

There is no simple answer to this one. Usually, you guys keeps us so busy that we cannot but please contact us if you need your item quickly because we may be able to accommodate you.  A great deal of the hardwood boards are ready to ship next day, so those are an easy option for those with a tight deadline.

bulk orders

Yes! We love to make larger sets of our boards. We work with lots of companies to create bulk orders for them and we would love to make them for you as well. Please contact us for pricing.  We are often doing laser engraving of logos for corporate gifting each month.  We like to book these spots as it gets pretty busy quickly!

international shipping

Of Course! We do ship overseas and our shipping rate is calculated based on item size and weight. The starting price to the UK is $30.00 USPS priority mail. Delivery time also depends on the final destination.

custom design

Yes! We are happy to create custom shapes and custom laser engraving on our boards.  If you can dream it up, we can probably make it for you. Please contact us and we will get started on your very own custom board.

candle holders

what's next

We are always coming up with new ideas, products and patterns. There are lots of new products in the works so stay tuned, we'll let you know when they're ready.