Walnut Zodiac Cutting Board

Walnut Round 13.5" Cutting Board with brass inlays outlining several of the constellations in our night sky.  You can add a brass star inlay to the zodiac star sign of your choice or add a second.  Please use the dropdown tabs and let us know the sign you need in the gift note section.  Made in the USA.

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+Lead Time:
5 to 6 days

We engrave on the front of our boards only, so you can use the back for prep if you like!

Approximate dimensions: 13-5” Round  * Material Thickness (3/4”). Available in walnut only.  Please note that the material color and tone does vary from board to board as a result of our manufacturing process and the nature of the materials.
Walnut Zodiac Cutting Board by AHeirloom
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