Holiday Ornaments

Illinois Holiday Ornament

We’re thrilled to offer new colors and customization for 2019! This year we’re offering a limited edition in gold leather and the option till early December to add a custom heart on the town of your choice (acrylic only).  Please choose your color in the drop down menu and add the city name if a heart option is selected.

These little ornaments beam with state pride and make a quick and easy hostess gift or stocking stuffer. Bring a bit of home to the tree and celebrate with the Illinois Holiday Ornament.

Each state is approximately 2-3 x 4-5.5 inches in length, which is a perfect tree hanging size.

If you need to exact dimensions get in touch. We will do our very best to get to your questions.

Illinois Holiday Ornament by AHeirloom
AHeirloom AHeirloom AHeirloom
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