Wedding Cake Stand in Maple: New Edition

Our custom made cake stand in maple makes any cake stand out.

Plan the perfect wedding with our brand new cake stands! Beautiful, functional, and sturdy, our cake stands are made to be the perfect means of proudly displaying your cakes.

As always we have sourced an FSC certified hardwood to create these magnificent cake stands' bases, with a durable top plate and bottom for the base. 

The top plate for each style is available in 11.5 or 14 inches diameter. The bases are each 5- 3/4" inches around at the bottom, and are approximately 5" inches tall. With the top plate attached, each cake stand is approximately 5- 1/4" inches tall.

Please note that this brand new style is pre-ordered and requires a 4 week lead time prior to shipping.

Wedding Cake Stand in Maple: New Edition by AHeirloom
AHeirloom AHeirloom
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