Copy of Hardwood Walnut Cake Stand: Rosa

Plan the perfect party with our brand new walnut cake stand! Beautiful, functional, and sturdy, our cake stands are made to be the perfect means of proudly displaying your cakes.


 As always we have sourced an FSC certified hardwood to create these magnificent cake stands' bases, with a durable white top plate and bottom for the base. These cakes stands are weighted to be used with as many layers are you can dream up! Our images show an 8-inch cake, but you can go up to 10 inches.


The top plate is 10 inches in diameter. The base is 3.5 inches around at the bottom, and the cake stand is approximately 5 inches tall – approximately 5.25 inches tall with the top plate attached.

Copy of Hardwood Walnut Cake Stand: Rosa by AHeirloom
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