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If you’re hosting a party or a movie watching night or a dinner, there is nothing more chic than a cheese board. Not only can you put it all together before your guests arrive, it will keep everyone happy until the main course arrives. And at a cocktail party, a hearty cheese board can be the main event.

Even though cheese boards seem simple, they can still leave you standing in the cheese shop scratching your head at how to curate the perfect board that will impress and delight your guests. We’ve put together this simple guide that will give you the tools to put together the perfect board at any budget. If you want to see actual cheese boards at different price points, we put together a few here.

georgia cutting board

STEP ONE: Choose a gorgeous cutting board to display your cheese and other delicious goodies. It’s in the name, you need a board for your cheese board. Sure, you can go rustic and use whatever you have around the house but we recommend using one of our stunning cutting boards. Our state boards add a personal touch highlighting where you’re from or where you live now. We also have floral and geometric designs that are modern and hip.

STEP TWO: Let’s start with the cheese. You need to decide how many cheeses you want to serve and that can depend on how many guests you have coming. But at least 3 is a good sampling and 4 is perfect. We are going to give you categories of cheeses that you can then mix and match. The key is variety of taste, texture and smell.

cheese board

STEP THREE: Select your cheeses. We recommend these 4 cheese groups. You should pull at least one from each and then add more if you are serving a larger crowd.

1. Young & Creamy for lightness and freshness. This category includes ricotta, goat cheese and fresh mozzarella.

2. Firm & Aged for salty, firmness. This category includes asiago, manchego, nicolette and parmesan.

3. Blue for the stinky factor for the board. This category includes Gorgonzola, Maytag, Stilton and Roquefort.

4. Soft & Aged for buttery, richness. This category includes Brie, Camembert and Humbolt Fog.

Make sure to provide a well rounded group of cheese that will please everyone.

floral cutting board

STEP FOUR: Choose your accompaniments. There are so many things you can add to your board that will highlight and enhance the board. You definitely want to start with a bread or cracker. Your guests need something to spread their cheese on so this is a must. You can go as simple as opening a sleeve of crackers or you can go fancy and grill some sliced sourdough.

I also love something fresh and bright like fruit. You can really choose any kind you like from berries to apples to melons. No matter which you choose, they will bring a lightness and a sweetness to the board. You can really beef up your board by adding meats like salami or prosciutto. And it’s always nice to provide nuts or olives to round out your board. Again, all of these are optional, remember the cheese is the star.

usa cheese board

STEP FIVE: Gild the lily. If you really want to go over the top, you can add some delicious sauces like honey, a grainy, spicy mustard or a nice fruit jam. And if you want additional style points, you can put some fresh herbs on the board for decoration. Rosemary is beautiful and easy to come by. Lastly, you can go to your local wine shop and ask them for wine pairings based on the cheese you bought. This will really impress and educate your guests.

As promised, we have some new and exciting items to share with you. Our taper candle holders are classic and modern. Available in three sizes, these candle holders will add a touch of modern design to your next dinner party table decor.taper candle holders

maple candle holderswalnut candle holderspersonalized candle holders

A smooth finish and beautiful wood impart a modern look to this classically shaped candle holder. The stately large holder pairs beautifully with smaller sizes in the walnut collection.  Our smallest size also fits a tea light candle. Sold individually so that you can curate your own table setting.

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Tip #1 Make a pitcher friendly cocktail

Spring and Summer are the perfect time to have your friends or family over for brunch. But we know it’s not as easy as it sounds so we want to help you out and let you know just how to host a brunch and stay sane at the same time.

Our tips, tricks and recipes will cover every aspect so that you can sit back and enjoy the morning instead of rushing around like a crazy person.

Tip #1: Make a pitcher friendly cocktail. These blood orange mojitos are perfect for brunch and can be made in the morning before everyone arrives and then all you have to do is serve. Heck, your guests can probably handle that for themselves too. You’ll definitely want to have some
cocktail muddlers and cocktail stirrers on hand for this one.

Tip #2: Use make ahead recipes such as this Boozy Baked French Toast from Smitten Kitchen. You can put this recipe together the night before and bake in in the morning before your guests arrive. No cooking over the stove while your guests are having a great time without you.

Tip #3: have appetizers ready

Tip #3: Have appetizers ready. Putting together a simple but lovely cheese plate is a great way to keep everyone from gnawing on their hands while everything comes together. Besides no one wants to sit down to eat right away. They want to get a cocktail, mingle and munch. Don’t forget to display your cheese plate on a beautiful board like this Maple Flag Board with Flower Engraving. Which leads me to the next tip.

Tip #4: Don’t forget the decorations. Look, you don’t have to go to Target and clean out an entire row to make your home look festive. You’ve already got your cheese on a gorgeous board, just add some grocery store flowers and you’re practically done. I don’t personally keep any vases in my house so I usually put floral arrangements in a glass pitcher or, if those are being used for Mojitos, mason jars/drinking glasses. I just put a few small arrangements around the house.

Tip #5: Have a mix of sweet and savory food. What we all love about brunch is that you can go sweet or savory. And when you make brunch at home, you can have both. My standard brunch menu formula is: 1 part sweet, 1 part savory, 1 breakfast meat, 1 green salad. Within those parameters you can go crazy. I love a simple herb quiche like this one from Martha as my savory dish. You can even buy a pre-made one, no one will know.
Tip #6: Don't forget the coffee
Tip #6: Don’t forget the coffee. Seriously. I know that cocktails are the greatest thing about brunch but not everyone drinks so make sure you have something for everyone. These coffee scoops make coffee stylish and easy. Also set out all the accoutrements like cream, soy milk, sugar, agave, etc. It will feel luxurious like it’s your own personal coffee shop.
Bonus Tip: serve your guests using a tray
Bonus Tip: Serve cocktails or coffee on a fancy wooden tray like this personalized geometric tray and you will look like a brunch pro.

Happy Brunching!

Mother's Day Gift Guide


It's that time of the year again, the day when we try as hard as we can to let moms know how important they are to us in one day. Let's be honest, moms are the best. We literally wouldn't be here without them and taking time out to make them feel special is the absolute very least we can do.

Here's a quick gift guide to help you out:

1: S'well Water Bottle, $35 in white lace. S'well is the only reusable bottle that looks great and does good. It keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12, while giving back to those in need. It's a win-win.

Pair it with #2 for the mom that keeps fit.

2: Fabletics Row Backpack, $59.95 in grey monarch. Mom's have a lot of stuff to carry around, most of it belonging to someone else. This backpack makes motherhood look chic.

3. American Heirloom Flag Cutting Board with flowers, $29. Stylish cutting boards make even the most mundane dinner prep fun. Or use it as a cheese board for when she has friends and family over.

Pair it with #4 for the mom that likes to entertain.

4. Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club, $34.95/month. Come on, who doesn't LOVE cheese? This way, mom will have new and exciting flavors each and every month. They also have chocolate and wine of the month if that's more her speed.

5. Hedley and Bennett Spinning Plates Apron, $95. If your mom likes to cook but also wants to be stylish and current at the same time, then this is the gift for her. It's THE go to apron for the chefs on all of her favorite cooking competition shows.

Pair it with #6 if your mom is a true foodie.

6. Chemex coffee maker, $43.50. Widely hailed as the best way to make coffee and so stylish looking at the same time. And we all know mom needs coffee to put up with all of our shenanigans. Pro-tip: Make her coffee the first time and bring it to her in bed :)

7. In the Company of Women, $19.03. Inspire mom with this book by Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, featuring interviews and portraits of 100 exceptional leaders across a diverse range of races, ages, backgrounds, and industries. 

Pair it with #8 if mom loves an inspirational book or 2.

8. Small Victories Cookbook, $35. Written by Julia Turshen who happens to be Grace Bonney's wife, this is a classic cookbook from a cookbook writing pro. Filled with simple, achievable recipes for the home cook.

9. Root Hand dipped Taper Candles, $45.26/12. We all know that mood lighting is everything from a simple family dinner to a romantic evening for 2. And these are simply the best there are.

Pair them with #10 to complete the gift.

10. American Heirloom Taper Candle Holder, $36. The American made candle holders come in 3 sizes and will add a touch of modern design to mom's table.