It's that time of year, the time when you spend way too long, wandering around busy stores trying to come up with the perfect gift for that special someone. But we have got you covered with our Holiday Gift Guide series. First up, we've put together a list for the baker in your life. And let's be honest, we want to keep the bakers baking, am I right?

 1. Williams Sonoma Dial Display Oven Thermometer, $19.95. Getting a good bake is what baking is all about, you definitely don't want any soggy bottoms or over-cooked breads and that's where a trusty oven thermometer comes in. All of our ovens are actually calibrated differently and using a thermometer is the only way to tell if you're baking correctly. The baker in your life will appreciate the accuracy.

Pair it with #2 for The Perfectionist.

2. OXO Kitchen Scale, $49.95. If you know anything about baking, you know that it is an exact science. And what does every scientist need? That's right, an accurate way to measure out all of their ingredients. This scale will make sure that their baked goods are perfectly balanced and crumbed.

3. Pho Classic Apron, $75.00. A great baker needs a great apron and Hedly & Bennett are the best. Clean, simple and durable, these aprons are sure to last through all of the Holiday pies, Birthday cakes and stunning breads.

Pair it with #4 for The Pro.

4. Trio of Exotic Vanilla Extract, $33.00. If you know someone that is already a great baker, then you can help them step up their game by giving them complex vanilla flavors. Flavors like Mexican Vanilla extracted in Kentucky Bourbon, Madagascar Vanilla extracted in Cane Rum and Indonesian Vanilla extracted in Ginger Spirits.

5. Cookie Gifting Box, $29.00. Gift them cookies that are already made (for a little inspiration). To make your homemade or store bought cookies into a gift, package them in American Heirloom's Cooking Gifting Box. With 4 top colors to choose from, you'll be sure to please anyone on your list.

Pair it with #6 for The Beginner.

6. The Baking Bible, $32.00. If you know someone that is just getting into baking, then this is the best gift you can give. Cheaper than private lessons, this book will give them the basic, detailed information they need to start their journey to becoming a great baker.

7. Maple Cake Stand, $75.00. A stunning cake deserves a stunning pedestal. American Heirloom's maple cake stand is classic, elegant and perfect for celebrations big, small, fancy or silly.

Pair it with #8 for The Cake Artist.

8. Borders Tip Set, $3.99. These little guys may not look like much but the cake artist in your life will recognize them as indispensable. The right tools are everything and this tip assortment will give them options which will turn into incredible cakes.

9. French Kitchen Marble Pastry Slab, $49.95. Not only is this marble pastry board completely on trend, it also stays cool, making it easier to keep your dough firm while you roll it out. It also looks great on any counter when they're not baking.

Pair it with #10 for The Stylish Baker.

10. Teak Measuring Cups, $58.00. Handcrafted in Thailand and made out of Teak, these measuring cups are both beautiful and practical. Using them will elevate any baker's day and pastries.

11. Hand Crank Sifter, $9.95. All good bakers know that it's important to sift your flour to ensure your baked goods are light and fluffy. This hand crank sifter is fun to use and gets the job done.

Pair it with #12 for The Traditionalist.

12. Ceramic Biscuit Cutter, $36.00. Making (and eating) homemade biscuits is a great joy in life, they are simple and oh-so satisfying. This classy biscuit cutter will make Sunday morning biscuit making that much more enjoyable.

ornament guideOrnaments are all around us this time of year but they're not all created equal. They make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts or gift add-ons. We rounded up some of our favorites of 2018.

1. Camper Glitter House Ornaments, $24.00. For those who live the outdoors and kitsch.

2. Frosted Donut Ornaments, $18.00. For those with a sweet tooth.

3. Heifer Hand Embroidered Ornaments, $15.00. For those who want to give back.

4. Modern Artist Ornament Set, $36.00. For the Artists.

5. Mexican Ornaments, $36.00. For the Travelers. 

6. Adorn-Point Ornament, $15.00. For the Millennials.

7. State Shaped Ornaments, $12.50. For those with Hometown Pride.

8. Concrete Holiday Ornaments, $35.00. For the Modernists.

9. Pink Twist Ornament, $18.00. For the Crafty.

10. Bird wearing a Scarf Ornament, $15.99. For the Traditionalist.

11. Agate Ornament, $9.95. For those with Style.

12. Wooden Ornament, $18.00. For the Minimalists.

stocking stuffer gift guide

Stocking stuffers are the red-headed step child of the holiday season. But we think there is a real chance here to pick up some really fun gifts that are just right for stockings. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Smith's Rosebud Salve, $6.65. A salve is really a cure all, from dry skin to chapped lips, even diaper rash which makes this gift perfect for almost anyone on your list. 

2. Rose Gold Straw, $9.00. A great way to help Mother Nature is to quit using plastic straws and this gold reusable straw makes it look good.

3. Coffee Scoop, $24.00. Do you know a coffee lover? Who am I kidding, we're all coffee lovers, am I right? This wooden coffee scoop is a luxurious way to start your cup of joe and your day.

4. Baggu Reusable Bag, $10.00. With virtually endless pattern options, you will never get bored while saving the earth. Gift these to anyone that needs a little nudge in the right direction.

5. Goat's Milk Soap, $7.00. Handmade, all natural, good smelling soap is one of the great pleasures in life. This is perfect for anyone in your life that needs a little pampering. Ahem, your Mom.

6. Geo Socks, $22.00. Socks are the newest fashion, if you didn't know. Gifting these will let everyone know that you are cool and you know what is hip.

7. Peace and Love Earrings, $20.00. Okay, these are just cute, happy and just the right price.

8. A Set of Temporary Tattoos, $15.00. Temporary Tattoos are a fun and less permanent way to express yourself. There are tons of different choices, so you can pick the right one for your loved one but we just adore these animal society set.

9. Cute Notebook, $16.00. Everyone needs a place to write down some thoughts or a grocery list, etc. And this bold and fun notebook will make whatever they write down, more exciting.

10. Green Juice Gummy Bears, $9.00. They're gummy bears, they're also green juice so we're calling that balance. For the person in your life that takes their diet a little too seriously.

11. Maple Candle Holder Set, $36.00. Classic, simple and gorgeous candle holders are always a great gift.

12. A great chocolate bar, $10.00. Chocolate is loved by all so get them something special and indulgent.