Large State Shaped Cutting Boards

Georgia Shaped Cutting Board

AHeirloom’s Georgia state-shaped cutting board is made from a 100% rapidly renewable bamboo plywood, which can be personalized or engraved. It’s a unique and highly-personalized gift that can commemorate a special time and place. Each state-shaped cutting board is made to order, and includes a HEART, HOUSE, or STAR on the city or place of your choice.

Dimensions vary with the edges of the state borderlines. The Florida board is approximately: 14⅛ x 12-¼ inches and ¾ of an inch thick.

Georgia Shaped Cutting Board by AHeirloom
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Please remember there is a two week lead time on most orders. Learn More.

Our Boards

Our signature state-shaped cutting boards are distinctively designed and manufactured in the United States, by us, AHeirloom, in Brooklyn, NY. Each board is drawn, scaled and cut to reflect the true curvature of all 50 state borderlines. Customers can choose to have a star heart or house cut into the location of their favorite city or town. We also offer custom boards for city outlines, countries and any landmass you can map. Each board comes in a handsome, sturdy box, with care instructions. Please remember there is a 2 week lead time on all orders!


Our boards are made of strong, eco-friendly bamboo, 3/4-inch thick, cross laminated with 3-ply formaldehyde-free strands for extra durability. The bamboo is organically grown in managed forests, an ecologically responsible alternative to the clear cutting of old growth forests. It is naturally anti-microbial.

Caring For Your Cutting Board

The boards are finished like fine salad bowls, with an FDA-approved water based finish. Occasionally rubbing your board with mineral oil or olive oil will preserve it and give it a nice matte finish. The oil will also keep the bamboo from drying and cracking. We do not recommend submerging the board in water or putting it in the dishwasher. A quick wipe with a wet sponge is all the cleaning a well-maintained board needs.


Color and tone vary from board to board, due to the materials and process.